lunes, octubre 08, 2012

National Gasshuku Report 2012 (English short version)

Last weekend (October 6 and-7), dojo Goju Do, organized the 2012 IOGKF´s National Gasshuku in Santiago, Chile. More than 50 karateka gathered to train traditional okinawan goju ryu karate.

Since our arrival from the 2012 Budosai, we had been postponing the gasshuku in hope for better weather and decided that October (spring in Chile) would work perfectly. It actually rained "cats and dogs" over the weekend, which was also probably the coldest October in many years!

The gasshuku took place in our dojo grounds, inside the covered gym of Ciudad Deportiva of Iván Zamorano (a quite large sports facility, owned by the famous Chilean footballer).

Classes started with all students together for the warming up exercises and kihon, but were divided  in 4 groups by age and rank. These groups were led by 5 different Goju Do instructors (graded sandan and yondan) and covered hojo undo, kata, bunkai and oyo bunkai. The black belts also had the opportunity to  practice ground work, nage-waza, submissions chokes and holds and other similar techniques.

You can find photos of the seminar here and also here.

Dojo Goju Do
Okinawa Goju Ryu Karate Do