lunes, diciembre 16, 2013

National Gasshuku - English Report

Last Saturday December 14th, Goju Do Karate organized the 2013 National Gasshuku for IOGKF Chile.  More than 50 karate-ka gathered Saturday morning for five hours of training in different aspects of Traditional Okinawa Goju Ryu.

Attending the last seminar of 2013, we had students from different IOGKF Chile dojos: Honbu, Melipilla, Chicureo, Quilicura, San Carlos de Apoquindo, and for the first time, IOGKF dojos from La Serena, Vicuña, La Ligua and Los Andres joined the training led by Sensei Jorge Rivera (Chile Representative for IOGKF).

The first training session of the morning was dedicated to Sanchin kata. We reviewed it in detail, focusing on correct breathing and proper muscle tension. We performed many repetitions of the kata, which was supervised and corrected by the black belts.

The class was then divided for the second session of the morning. The children and adults with junior grades were taught by Sensei Rivera, focusing on kihon and basic kata.  Advanced kyu and black belts were instructed by Sensei Manuel Easton on kata Shisochin. This group worked on the correct form and a proper speed of the kata.

Following the teachings of Sensei Higaonna, as recently experienced in his dojo in Okinawa, Sensei Jorge and Sensei Manuel, pushed the limits of all karateka with endless repetitions of different parts of the kata. At high noon, the heat started affecting the group, as the nearly 32° Celsius and the strenuous exercise were dehydrating everyone rather quickly.

The last class was probably the hardest due to the heat of the early afternoon and the previous workout.  We paused for the much needed water break and we also replenish some energy with fresh fruit (bananas and delicious fresh cherries).

During the last session, all the black belts were guided by Sensei Rivera on kata Sepai and its bunkai. Sensei Easton worked with all the kyu belts on Saifa. Once again, many details were reviewed and corrected and repeated endlessly.
Despite the near summer heat, the energy level was great and everyone seemed to be enjoying the intensive training.
At the end of the training, the fist 2014 IOGKF Chile Regional Gasshuku was announced. The seminar will be hosted by two dojos in northern Chile (La Serena and Vicuña) and will take place on Junuary 25th in the city of Vicuña (

After the gasshuku we gathered with all the participants for lunch and a pool party at Sensei Easton´s place. We spend the afternoon relaxing, eating, “rehydrating”, laughing and sharing old karate stories …

Thank you to all members of Goju Do Karate-IOGKF Chile to make this year an unforgettable one!

Goju Do Karate