jueves, febrero 13, 2014

Gasshuku Report - Sensei Nakamura in Argentina 2014

A group of 10 karateka from Goju Do Karate IOGKF Chile attended the Southamerican Gasshuku led by sensei Tetsuji Nakamura in the city of Magdalena, Buenos Aires province (about 110 kilometers south of Buenos Aires city).

The seminar gathered around 150 karateka from IOGKF Argentina, Chile and Paraguay, for a 3 day training camp, that took place new La Plata River, in a peaceful setting located in the argentinean "wet pampa" region.

Wet pampa region seemed a very aprorpriate name for the setting, as it rained and stormed every single day, with temperatures near 26 Celsius with 85% humidity. The training grounds were located inside the 8th Tank Regiment of the Argentinean Army.

Sensei Tata´s IOGKF Argentina had planned the logistics of the event to every detail, with classes happening at large training hall with rubber tatami floors and very convenient ceiling fans, which helped to relieve the heat and humidity. The classes were scheduled for mornings and afternoons, with breaks for lunch and afternoon snacks.  As we slept in the very same regiment barracks,  breakfast and dinner was also provided in the large mess hall of the regiment. Everything was planned so all participants were able to immerse in karate "24 by 7".

Classes were organized by rank so we were able to cover the IOGKF curriculum from A to Z. Our hosts provided all hojo undo implements, so Sensei Nakamura was able to explain exercise routines with each one of them.

We focused on basic techique, sanchin (Kanryo and Chojun versions)  tensho and kaishugata (both basic and advanced). We repeated endless times each kata and Sensei dissected the most difficult moves, explaining their details and applications (bunkai).

There were also detailed explanations on correct breathing and posture for Sanchin, which we also practiced outdoors for a couple of hours when it stopped raining.

Two IOGKF Argentina senior black belt graded with Sensei Nakamura and successfully passed their test for Godan. The results of the grading were given at the sayonnara party as usual.

Gabriela Perez(far left) and Fernando Muñoz (far right) graded to Godan during the Gasshuku

Sayonnara party was very animated and after the dinner (they served argentinean famous asado!) we had a presentation of typical folk dances and later on a local band with live music.

Some say they saw Sensei Nakamura playing in the band. We cannot testify because it was crowded and too dark. We only got these pictures. Can you find him?

Goju Do Karate IOGKF Chile wishes to thank the organizers (sensei Gustavo Tata and his crew) for an amazing event, well thought out and organized. As always, it was a great experience training with sensei Nakamura. His knowledge about the system and excellent sense of humor and truly unique..

The Southamerican region keeps growing and our karate, improving!

See you soon!

Goju Do Karate